Pacific Halogen Oven CKY-20D


Pacific’s Halogen Oven combines multiple functions in one machine. Within minutes, it can effortlessly grill, bake, toast, steam, broil, roast, re-heat, defrost… you name it. It’s so easy to operate that it makes everyone a gourmet chef!

Innovative Far- Infrared Technology  Pacific’s Halogen Oven is a state-of-art cookware utilizing far-infrared (FIR) technology. It is fast, healthy and safe, delighting you with savoury dishes.

Energy-Efficient Pacific’s Halogen Oven circular heating element gives out FIR rays, which penetrate food with high heat fast cooking. By combining FIR penetration with convection and conduction, it further speeds up the cooking process and thus saves energy.

No Microwave Radiation FIR is a specific light wave from the sun, unlike microwave radiation, FIR rays are natural and not harmful to humans. Hence, FIR rays are widely applied to products for cooking, heating and medical purposes in countries such as Japan and the USA. Pacific’s Halogen Oven does not emit microwave radiation. It is one of the safest and healthiest cooking among all ovens.

Juicy & Delicious FIR rays heat up food from inside out, preventing the surface from turning dry and charred before it even fully cooked while sealing in juices. FIR rays also help activate the moisture inside food. Grilled meat features crispy surface and tender texture.

Healthy Cooking FIR rays heat up food thoroughly and can effectively seal in nutrients. Since heat is swiftly transferred to the interior of food, oil is not needed for cooking. Healthy cooking is made easy.


  • Bowl Capacity 12L
  • Power 1300W
  • Accessories High Rack, Low Rack, Plate Lifter, Ring Extension
  • Dimensions W x D x H (cm) 33 x 40 x 35 (Cooking Pot+Stand)
  • Warranty 1 year on electrical parts


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